Tuesday, September 13

I Missed All of You! ~ New Just For You!

I had a much need intermission to complete some special projects I can't wait to share with you! Including the Reveal of the new Studio!! Yes, I now have the Studio I needed, that we put together on a shoestring budget.  I will Reveal and show you how too!

The new Book Series is about completed, and i will be posting a new Free Tutorials beginning this week.  In my Series, I have included Projects geared to Beginners, Non- Sewing Craft Folk, or Owners of Basic Zig Zag machines.  The Optional Variations are for Intermediate and Advanced Folks, Owners of the Luxury Machines.
  • Would you like ot learn to sew? 
  • Do you have a Sewing Machine that is "old", or can just do a few things, like ZigZag or Reverse? 
  • Would you like ot make Great Projects you see in the shops, but hate to sew? 
Join Us for the 1st Series "Gentle Beginnings"! Enter sign-up box for more information and a Free Sample of Tutorials!

I have a great selection of Projects with Detailed Instructions and Patterns for Folks who have Hi-End Luxury Sewing/Embroidery/Quilting machines and are intimidated to use their features, or overwhelmed by them.  Most often The Owner Manuals are vague, Classes Expensive - if you have the time, and they Offer Items you will never use. So many of these awesome machines are put away collecting dust and a little guilt. More are limited to making In-The-Hoop Only projects, completely computerized, which are Great. 

Almost every foot or accessory can be used in ways the directions do not show.  My Projects will let you pick items you can use daily or Gift.  They will give you options of learning new techniques, or using specialty feet, Creating Your Own Stitches too! Now you can dust them off and learn to use them, and their features, easily at your pace when you have time. 

Maybe you are like me and learned to sew on a old Singer Treadle.  The new Computerized Technological Sewing Age paralyzed me for a year.  I had no idea what these babies could do or how to use the products and notions either!

Join Us for the 1st Series "Gentle Beginnings"!   Enter sign-up box for more information and a Free Sample of Tutorials!

Hi-End Luxury Sewing/Embroidery/Quilting machines are computerized, have 100s of preinstalled stitches or designs. Include but not limited too: Viking/Husqvarna, Bernina, Brother, Baby Lock, Pfaff. Priced from approximately $500 - 12,000.00.

 Join us!! Just in Time for the Holiday Season!
Aquene,  Redwolf
~~~Feed Your Senses!~~~

Saturday, April 16


On average I peek at my "Google Analytics" to get an idea of how I am doing out here in CyberSpace.....  and today I was Wowed!! 

I am so THRILLED to see all of my new eMail subscribers! Holy Cow!  As you know the page does not show the numbers, nor names - I want my guests to feel "safe" - so I had no idea how many of you there are.  WOW...Thank You Again....
If are not a follower - Please Do - It is important to support Artists just by Following to see new work, or even spark a fire.. And I have set a goal to get my readership up and am asking for a little help....... please Sign Up to Follow - I know you visit (hehehehehe) 
Any one who Openly follows me - I will send my Oh My God! To Die For Chocolate Lovers Killer Brownie Recipe - yep, that's right.... the ones that I can't keep stocked at the local store? I can't even sell them in my online store for u would spend my entire life baking Brownies - Follow Me openly and i will email the recipe to you just to say Thank you!

My 1st Tutorial is posting tonight as well - and as silly as it seems its the greatest 2 minute household tip going.... the clue is: today my husband said i needed to do something about my "bag of balls.."??  Bad huh?  Sad but true! 

Feed Your Senses!!

Tuesday, April 5

Craftsmen Designers Be Aware of The High Cost of Cotton

Tonight I received the following Press Release from my Friend,
Cotton Prices Increase!
There has been a drastic increase in the price of cotton as most of you will notice when you purchase fabric. The largest grower of cotton is China, second is India followed by the United States.  The price is determined by supply and demand

The price of cotton has gone up from 62 cents per pound to $1.65 per pound.   China and India are not exporting cotton anymore

Monday, April 4

We are now Kindle, or eReader Compatible!!

Press Release
The Redwolf's Den is now Kindle compatible.  Please sign up for our RSS feed. 

We have also kicked off the month by enabling readers to Follow us via email.  Updates, notice of news or this blog can be delivered directly to your email box!  We find this very exciting.  Its a bit easier to browse your email - rather than chack email than log to another platform to read your Blog Updates...  Please take advantage of this awesome new application.  We are anxious to hear your feed back on these new tools.

Thank You!! 
Karyn Redwolf

Obama Thinks He Can Do It Again?!! Buddy! We Are Broke!


That is probably what I find most disturbing with Obama's "Low Keyed" Announcement for 2012 Candidacy, that he truly believes in spite of the poles and his sad track record, He Will be re-elected.   Will he?  Gives one pause doesn't it?  During his Super Bowl interview he stated that the people are not displeased with him or hate him, they are angry or displeased with the Office.  He feels they are 2 separate entities.  Amazing coping strategy isn't it?  I am fairly sure voters were voting specifically for him not the idea of him.

Mara Liasson (NPR) made the most intelligent observations I've yet to hear.  At this time "he has just "released" the Fund Raisers,  He needs to raise 1 Billion Dollars Last election he raised 3/4 of a Billion".  this is a huge boon for him and the Democratic Party.   All their attention as well as funds can be carefully directed at obtaining Volunteers in the Grassroots sector.  It is their participation and support that his campaign shall ride on.  1 Billion dollars to campaign for the Presidency. 

Thursday, March 31

Crash of the U.S. Dollar

I am posting this because things listed in the Author's Theoretical Time line has begun to happen this week - we need to take notice -  most often people don't care until it happens or they feel it......

10 a.m. EST Wednesday. The U.S. government is having its regular auction of U.S. Treasury notes. Here we go again begging to the world with our tin cup. Only this time the world says, “No. We aren’t going to buy any more U.S. I.O.U.s.” Please click to read the rest of my post ...

Saturday, February 26

Kindles For Artists/Crafters? You Bet!

Kindle Readers, eReaders, the next Big Thing?  Many are counting on it.  Today more and more hard prints are disappearing.  More and more newspapers and magazines are offering a Kindle version now. 

When the laptop revolution began, those companies with a little foresight began offering a Digital or Online version or subscription to their product.  Thus allowing  you the consumer to read your NY Times or something "blue" at your convenience, on your PC, perhaps concealed in another window while at work or school, even in another boring tedious meeting... right?  (read on to learn how this tool can help Artists & Crafters)

Tuesday, February 22

FREE Digitizing Machine Embroidery Software

Do you have an Embroidery Machine? Would you like to Create your own designs, or customize ones you own? Shrink or Enlarge? Make an Applique or Patch? Have you wanted to learn to more about Digitizing Machine Embroidery Designs?

There is an interesting selection of Embroidery Machine Software on the market.  Each one seems so different from the others.  Some are seem very complicated at first glance.  Some are very user friendly.  I find that the easier 1 is to use the more limited it is.  And, those Software packages generally have components.

We bought my 1st Embroidery Machine 1 1/2 years ago, almost on impulse.....(Software Link is in this article)

Sunday, February 20

Glass City Gifts: Todays Glass Work

look at this!! so cool so talented

Glass City Gifts: Todays Glass Work: "Ok heres a pic of the glass Ill be working with today. Some glass for etching and some for fusing."

Thursday, February 17

Loosing the Hens!!

Since we have had the laying hens, darling hubby has been preoccupied with releasing them.    I have visions of fancy multicolored bantams frolicking and crowing as the Bards and Rhode Island Reds lay, and lay. In all honesty, we both share the idea of Free Range Hens and other fowl roaming the yard, scratching away eating every nasty bug this desert throws at us.

Ever seen a Giant Desert Centipede?  The 1st one we saw was over 10 in long - no lie - and  rounder than a 25 cent piece. Not as large as a 1/2 dollar.  Regardless i took the garden loppers to it. Cut it in half it still came at me in full charge! I proceeded to sushi the prehistoric monster.  Bits of white meat everywhere, it's pincers snapping away,  YUCK.  By the end of last season i was merely stomping on them and sweeping them off the patio.  There are some very nasty spiders here.  More prolific and venomous than the snakes.  The hens will eat them joyfully.

Yesterday morning, my dearest wheeled into the bedroom doorway and whispered "Hey beautiful, guess what? The chickens are loose..."   Ahhhhhhh Adrenaline over dose Now! Heart racing, blood pressure soaring... My first thought was to the where abouts of Ellie, our Aussie Blue Healer - Border Collie mix.  Those hens are her charge. Her obsession.  she counts them several times an hour.  Studies their behaviors for hours.  Can open the doors to their egg boxes (she learned that day 1 watching me).  Our Lab, Kachina, loves to chase anything that moves.  But she is in it for the joy of running.  Ellie is on duty, the chase and the kill, she lives for it.  Merely killing a snake is not enough for her.  Once dead she totes off her kills and shreds them into tiny bits.  Aussie cattle dogs were bred to herd cattle and take down 2000 lb. Bulls. They are fearless and operate in stealth mode.  No barking.  Intense, focused, lethal.

We have had countless discussions on releasing the hens, building a run for the hens, penning the dogs, chaining the dogs, electrocuting the dogs... never agreeing on a method, or time, always agreeing the chickens need to be free during the day.  Caged for protection at night.  

Yes,  the Hens were loose.  For he had simply opened the door and let them out. He was really having fun with them, before coming to wake me and the Killer Hound from hell.  It's was not fair that he did not warn me, yet it was a good thing for my protective instincts kept putting it off.  The time had come to free the hens so i had to deal with it.  To train the dogs to leave the birds alone.  Get it into their protective herding brains that hens roaming the yard is a good thing and OK with Mom and Dad.  I bound out of bed, muttering, cursing, shaking, still sleep blind hunting for glasses, pants, and boots, jacket.

The dog was at my feet, on the bed as usual.  The other 3 dogs were not impressed with the hens cautiously strutting in the yard.  in fact the older two came in the house, retreated to their own beds.  But Ellie sensed my panic and reacted accordingly.

I was able to leash her before the door opened.  Once we were all out i gave the leash to John so i was free to get feed to the birds.  Ellie turned inside out, pulling him around in the wheel chair hell bent to get the chickens.  Kachina barking, Game on!! Me still cursing. 

Finally i was able to sit in my chair on the patio hauling on the leash sometimes with two hands until Ellie settled.  Her birds were loose and that was not cool. There we sat for a good 20-30 mins with her whining and drooling.  Eventually she sat down on her own and began to relax.  We spent some time just like that, sitting watching the hens, stroking the dog, reassuring her.  Enter the wild quail.

We took the dogs into the house. John stayed in there with them.  I went back out with coffee, fianally, to watch the quail i have been nurturing for almost 2 years.  Being ever selective to provide food and water without increasing their dependency on humans.

We have wild Scallies and Gambles.  They have mixed flocks for protection.  Have grown from  3-4 birds to a flock of over 50 consistantly.  The coyotes take their share,  and the numbers change seasonally.  We have had well over 100 here.

Once quite, the quail came to scratch with the hens.  I was enthralled with the interactions.  The hens guarded their coop door aggressively, but otherwise acted happy to have guests.  

All of a sudden everyone ran for cover, chirping, alarming away. The bushes rustled with activity.  A good thousand feet overhead a pair of hawks were gliding on the winds.  So far up, a good mile south.  None the less, they were spotted by a Quail Scout, who sounded the alarm and sent everyone into safety.  

Our hens were in their coop in a flash.  All day i marveled that the drooling snarling death machine was of no concern - but silent Death from Above, a mile off, that was a different, serious matter.  Who knew Quail were so alert?  Who knew Chickens spoke Quail?  

This morning I walked Ellie on her leash as the hens and quail enjoyed their Freedom!  It's going to take a long time to get her to comply and be comfortable.  Hopefully, my shoulders and hands will hold up!  

How does that song go?  "Life on the Ranch kind of laid back... nothing an ol' country gal can't hack....." what a load of BS!!

Can I PLEASE go sew now?

Friday, February 11

50% Off Sale

In Celebration of being Featured Again in a Treasury -  I am selling everything at 50% Off (Except Baked Goods) Now until midnight Feb 13th at midnight pst.  SAVE!!!

sale items:


Article on Selecting Turqouise!!

Wednesday, February 9

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

Really?  Please tell me…  Use the comment box and post what you Want for this Valentine’s Day!!
Participants will get a Redwolf Originals surprise!Red heart

Lion, Tigers, & TUMBLEWEEDS!! OH MY!

for those of you following along – another interesting wild, wild, west experience. 

I have lived most of my life on the North East Coast.  I remember practically every Hurricane to hit from the ‘70s forward,  Have lots of great Survival stories such as 1 from “Lily”. remember her? She shut down the world series!!

We were camping at a Powwow – my entire clan slept the night away as we took a direct hit – me and my warrior in-standing kept all the tents (8), fires, and tarps secured – using my Grand Wagoner as wind break – bailing water – all 20+ slept like lambs and awoke to total elimination for the campgrounds were totaled – all but us – Many Many stories like that.

OK –Same scenario with regard to winds, evil sky glaring down, mysterious and frightening debris garbage, tools flying thru the air – Warmer – deceivingly warmer – and sand so thick in the air it reminds you of a while our. 

Drivers responding as if they are under attack in bumper cars – Hi-way Patrol in stunning numbers,  1/2 a new pre-fab home blown off the trailer on the road – trucker driver scratching his head – and just as I realized I can handle this – its just a warm, dry hurricane, right?  A Tumbleweed came out of the center zone with a vengeance, determined to take me and my large diesel pick-up out.  We Won!!

Redwolf's Den: Turqouise: The Real Deal

Something all turquoise lovers should know..

Monday, February 7


Today I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Type 2.
Totally caught off gaurd and stunned.
Still processing.

Thursday, February 3

Redwolf's Kitchen

To Share all the recipes and ideas i have to share i needed to actually create a stand alone blog for it... they are the same.. yet separate via indexing and all that techno jargon... fun...

 It will be GREAT!


Wednesday, February 2

Why I appreciate 19 Degrees in Arizona

Recently a large part of the country would welcome 19 degrees at 9 am.
I don't.  Ever.  But right now 50 miles east of Tucson, AZ at 9 am it is 19 degrees F.  Last week we were enjoying morning coffee at 70 degrees.

Before coffee this morning, I was removing ice from the Chickens water bowls.  I had placed them below ground level in pits the hens had dug themselves.  It helped.  There was only an inch ice vs. a solid block.

Oh the memories of my Stable in Massachusetts - hours upon hours of  ice removal from every surface, every container.

This year's storms in the east have broken all records set some not too long ago.  A few years back we had the highest snowfalls in recorded history in Massachusetts, most of New England. 

I, owning the Riding Stable, had an F-250 with an 8 ft plow, and a John Deere 318 with a 4 ft. plow.  All areas had to be cleared for safety and liability.  Snow left on the ground turns to ice.  That season we had 28 storms.  25 i had to plow. 

We had a Super system complete with radios to control traffic as we cleared all our elderly neighbors drives and the Riding Arenas, Parking lots.  Sometimes it was fun. But mostly that year i remember finally finishing a storm. Undressing, all 4 sets of sweat soaked Cuddl-Duds in the washer - and before the dryer had finished a NEW storm was in top of us. 

The kids and I spread by hand 2 Tons of Rock Salt and 8 tons of Sand.
That year i broke 2 vertebrae in my neck plowing. That was the season i firmly committed to leaving New England.

I am so grateful.  19 Degrees in Dragoon AZ is AWESOME

Walk in Beauty

Tuesday, February 1

The Importance of a Supply Kitty

I learned an important lesson yesterday, with regard to supplying my business.

I have a new line I am about to debut.  I put hours of mind work, then research into a new product before I create it.  It includes knowing my target market, what is Hot, What the Seasons colors are, and what makes me different - desirable - not like something everyone else has.. more often than not I am copied.  That is always a good thing.  I see it as a compliment.  My husband doesn't, until I point out to him that those that are copying me are not using Quality Stock.  I refuse to compromise on my materials. The difference between a Crafter and an Artist. 

Early Saturday i ran into a shop that carries items i can use - sometimes.  I found 2 pieces that i wanted - 1 i had been looking for at the right price point for quite some time.  The Shopkeeper was very busy and i was in a deep line when the phone rang.  I took the call and returned home immediately, placing the items back on the shelf.

My thinking was that i would be back on Monday morning - with more time and more cash - as i had a bakery delivery early Monday. 

When i returned the items were gone.  1 was an entire bolt of fabric, over 10 yds. GONE. 
i was very disappointed to say the least.

Lesson 1: Maintain a working monthly budget. Know how much you have to spend on supplies at all times.  That needs to be divided into repeat items or replenishing; and money for New Items for Growth.

Lesson 2: 10 minutes in line will is sometimes the best time you can spend.

I should have waited.

Growth is a wonderful thing!

Walk in Beauty!!

Thursday, January 27

Turqouise: The Real Deal

If you BUY Turquoise Read this Please
A little about turquoise: 

There is many forms and shades of turquoise out there today.  Some very beautiful solid pieces are coming from other countries.  But limited solid pieces are being mined in the USA - and a large portion of what is available is stabilized.
Stabilizing turquoise uses heat and polymers, small bits or dust from cutting or mining.
This picture is some my Turquoise stock, shows a collection of Genuine Turquoise from the Southwest except for the square bright blue, which is from China, BUT not Stabilized, dyed or altered by heat or chemicals in anyway. Colors run from a pale blue to forest green. Graining, streaks, or marbling are a way of identifying and grading the quality of turquoise.

The large white looking piece is the palest blue i have ever seen.
Here is a Fantastic link to Turquoise - with details of identifying, processing, and more.  Fabulous pictures.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turquoise
Does this look Familiar?  It should.  It's often called White Turquoise or Buffalo Stone.  But in truth it is Howlite, or, even inappropriately Magnesite.  It is the stone used to fake turquoise...

Today you will find dyed Howlite or also called Magnesite in a rainbow of colors, being marketed as turquoise.

These 2 links are from a supplier, that I adore, that show examples of what i am talking about.  These folks Always mark their products as what they are.  But, they are the exception.

Turquoise color

Pumpkin Orange Color

I really love some of the fantastic colors out there today.  They offer a designer so many options, stimulate creativity.

Unfortunately the average buyer does not know the difference between Genuine Turquoise and Enhanced or Stabilized Turquoise.  The problem comes to light in pricing a piece.  1 artist's prices are drastically lower than another's for a very similar piece at 1st glance. 

The replicas, synthetics, enhanced stock are so wonderfully made, with attention to marbling as well as surface, weight that it is very easy to be fooled.

Sadly some artists, not just consumers, are fooled.  Home Craft Artists or a percentage Cottage Industry artists, thinking that they "got a Great Deal!" and will be able to be highly competitive on the Retail Market unwittingly buy the "enhanced" product, price it accordingly, market it as Real Turquoise, and invariably only the color is Turquoise

I can see my ancestor's faces now as they are unearthing a gorgeous streak of turquoise that suddenly turns Pumpkin Orange?

Howlite and/or Magnesite is the greatest Turquoise hoax today!  It is the predominate stone used to create fake or rather enhanced turquoise.  The texture, weight is so like natural turquoise from many regions.  With dyes, heat and other techniques any color Turquoise. 

This is from Wikipedia, clearly depicting and substantiating all of the above:

Howlite is commonly used to make decorative objects such as small carvings or jewelry components. Because of its porous texture, howlite can be easily dyed to imitate other minerals, especially turquoise because of the superficial similarity of the veining patterns. The dyed howlite (or magnesite) is marketed as turquenite.[8] Howlite is also sold in its natural state, sometimes under the misleading trade names of "white turquoise" or "white buffalo turquoise," or the derived name "white buffalo stone."

I hope this post will help both consumers and artists when working in the Turquoise Industry.  There is nothing wrong with using dyed stones - but there is a lot wrong with selling it as something it isn't and costing authentic artists sale

In the Southwest many native people's lively hoods stem from their work with Turquoise.  As the saying goes.... Buyer be Ware!  Seller be Fair!

When you see a $20 necklace next to a $200 necklace - Look Again.... Know what you are buying.
Walk In Beauty!
Howlite is Beautiful naturally.  I use it frequently in my pieces.  I use natural white Howlite.

Wednesday, January 19


Every little anecdote, saying, cliche about Hen House with regards to women is true.
sad but true.

i having living proof - 4 living proofs - today that it is all true
the alpha is too mean to cook and still laying so we shall build another run

it worse than a girls locker toom....

Tuesday, January 18

a note from the universe

 Persistence, is not about knocking on one door... until the dang thing finally opens.

It's about knocking on all of them.

Monday, January 17

The Little Brown Bag...

This is a Redwolf Original Design
Cute Bag - Its Quilted, Embroidered, and Hand Beaded. Comfortable to use.  the perfect shoulder bag to carry those few "absolutes" when shopping, at events even out dancing the night away - and your bag is with you. Never on the floor. Easy to conceal. Practical with Style -

 This is the 1st in a series of Designs I created to use to teach crafting.

There are 5 pieces, 2 shapes that are the base design.  Depending on how you put them together - your layout, and your technique - these 2 shapes can create any item in your home - from a shoulder bag to quilt - as ornate or refined as you wish.

The angles and heirloom stitches are what make this piece special.

Scheduled for Release in a month is my book with ideas and instructions, templates, techniques from Beginner to Advanced Crafters.  I will show you how to use today's mind bogglingly array of products to make gorgeuos items without a sewing machine - on a tight budget - or in a small space where a Studio is not practical
This bag is currently available here:
Created with my Pfaff Creative Vision

Sunday, January 16

Learning to Blog

Eventually i will learn how to post to the proper pages.... I hope!

The Coyote Post does not belong on the front page here.

Today I began a "Free Give Away".  I will be sending a Gift Box with a Food Item and other delightful surprises to all folks who Sign On to follow me and my efforts with Redwolf's Originals.

Instructions and links can be found here:


www.facebook.com/pages/Redwolfs-Den and read the wall or click on events for New Followers Event!

Thank You!


originally published April 7, 2010

Being Coyote Clan you would think I would be ecstatic about the 70 odd Coyotes living here.  I am not. 

As man must have it the balance in the eco-system is out of line and the Coyotes are running in huge populations unchecked.  Most people do not like them. Most ranchers shoot them. There is not enough money or manpower to relocate them. Not that we should – after all – this IS their home.  This IS their original and natural habitat.  It is us and our animals that are threatened because we eliminated their natural predators and the race to adapt is on.

 We have identified 3 individual packs north, east, and  south of our property boundaries.  But, their paths do run through our land.  Most have taken to skirting us, along our fence line mainly because of the dogs.  You can believe our dogs give chase at astonishing speeds.  The 4 strand barbed wire slows the dogs down just enough to give the Coyotes extra advantage of time that they certainly don’t need.  Most of the Coyotes know that it will slow them too – giving our dogs the advantage so they chose to skirt the fence line.

Except for that one…. that one that just has to be a taunter, a pest.  The one who strolls by slower never looking this way directly, stops to sniff at nothingness, causally glances about taking note of the dogs and their positions – if they do not respond he will in fact jump clearly, smoothly between two wires without touching either and stroll towards the back gate, a 14′ pole gate.  Dogs give chase for sure then.

One of the Coyote games we have come to know so well is the Bait Game.  A lone Coyote, usually one that is on the smaller slender side, will sit either inside or right immediately off our fence and woefully call to our dogs.  The objective is to get the dogs over to her/him where the pack is laying in wait.  It’s an effective game.  The Coyotes have it honed well, and “steal away” with our pets for pure fun, or dominance or food.  To eat them.   If you can catch site of the entire pack you may see dogs running with them. 

For the most part now though, the dogs splinter off and form their own wild dog packs.  Late last fall we had a visit from such a pack.  There were bolder and definitely more aggressive than the Coyotes.  The pack was very close, about 100 ft off the house.  The problem lay in that they were between my husband and our kennel where 3 of 4 of our girls were going crazy to give chase.  The 4th was loose and she is feeble, older unable to protect herself from a pack.  One. she would try to hold her own abut more would not be in her favor at all. 

We probably would have ignored the wild dog pack if they had not charged at my husband.  When he yelled at them in his deep booming voice all but one turned to leave the other sat down.  He called for me to bring his rifle and again at the dog – the dog charged fully with intent even after the warning shots that flew past his head.  He was promptly and effectively dispatched.  He will not threaten the life of another man or dog or child for that matter.  Even knowing that does not comfort my husband who cherishes every life form on this desert.  To this day he still feels sad and as if he may be part of the problem not the solution. 

You have the Divine Right to Protect yourself and your family.  In this environment you must be prepared to take a life if yours is at stake or that of your family or livestock.   It is the hierarchy or the way of the food chain here in the Southeastern Desert Country.

Tonight the Coyotes Songs are in the air as they have been all week following the moon.  The dogs sleep in the house lighter than normal.  They are always on duty.  Now I carry a hand gun for personal protection whenever outside.
And, recently my husband bought be amazing Snake proof boots.  After I killed the only Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake i have seen here,
It was at 2 in the monring and the dogs had it pinned beneath my truck, nosed close to the back door.  
I did try to scare it off with the garden hose no to avail.  On reflection the icy water may have hindered his ability to flee.  when it moved under the jeep i ran over him a few times - our drive is of stone so that too was in vain.  When he moved another 5 feet under my husbands very large truck i ran over him 12 times with the 3/4 ton truck.  No Luck.  
At last I used a hoe.  Striking hard enough to raise sparks before i severed his head. 
We really don't have snakes here.  It was strange.
I did not want to kill it.  But, my husband is disabled.  He has endured 17 surgeries, 8 admissions,  numerous partial amputations and finally a complete amputation of his left leg.  he is restricted to a wheel-chair and/or a walker and is unable to protect himself from a surprise snake attack.  Nor, would he survive a bite.
It is the way of the land here. 

Auto & 4-WD Trails in the Desert Southwest

Cool Site – We have been almost everywhere on this site too…. amazing!  The Southwest Desert is an amazing place.  There is so much life and history.  This link will teach you things to know when in the desert and show you places you could never imagine.

Their store is a great shopping place too

Being Successful - On-Line

i had a wordpress blog page for the barn a bout 10 years ago - no one ever read it. and a few in between - then this Very Exciting thing with the Store is happening and i knew i did not know enough to create online what i saw in my head - as usual i researched it - and fried my brain - but i can go sleep now because i have an awesome web presence on which i can share all my secrets, recipes, photos, travels and refer you to thinks you may never have thought of - and it directs you with a click you can purchase some great things without leaving and signing in ETC ETC - and for the 1st time ever as i get them posted you will have access to the thousands of photos i taken - i am excited about it too -
ok i will be running a new contest that you will love to get referrals - please wait to share the sites til then so you get a gift -
hugs and love
walk in beauty everyone

k redwolf

Thank YOU!  to all that have sent me Great materials and added encouragement answered my questions - Thank you!