Monday, January 17

The Little Brown Bag...

This is a Redwolf Original Design
Cute Bag - Its Quilted, Embroidered, and Hand Beaded. Comfortable to use.  the perfect shoulder bag to carry those few "absolutes" when shopping, at events even out dancing the night away - and your bag is with you. Never on the floor. Easy to conceal. Practical with Style -

 This is the 1st in a series of Designs I created to use to teach crafting.

There are 5 pieces, 2 shapes that are the base design.  Depending on how you put them together - your layout, and your technique - these 2 shapes can create any item in your home - from a shoulder bag to quilt - as ornate or refined as you wish.

The angles and heirloom stitches are what make this piece special.

Scheduled for Release in a month is my book with ideas and instructions, templates, techniques from Beginner to Advanced Crafters.  I will show you how to use today's mind bogglingly array of products to make gorgeuos items without a sewing machine - on a tight budget - or in a small space where a Studio is not practical
This bag is currently available here:
Created with my Pfaff Creative Vision

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