Wednesday, December 22

Busy Busy Days

I can't beleive how close we are to Christmas.

I am baking like a fool and so Grateful for the opportunity and extra money. It is beginning to make difference.

Yesterday i delivered 1 Blue Berry Pie, 1 Peach Pie, 2 Pineapple upside Down Cakes and 21 Brownies in a cute basket display -

Today I have 2 cakes and 4 more pies - along with the other Christmas Stockings - bread for us and a new pizza dough recipe - we shall see if it works well.  If so I can add it to the store offerings.

There is no where to go out to eat close by - may be a fresh - Take and Bake at home Pizza will be the seller....

Papa John's did it.... we shall see

Monday, December 20

In The Beginning..
Amazing? This is our 1st egg laid by Herietta & the Chicklettes.. There is Life on The Ranch...
In the beginning...

Henrietta & The Chicklettes

Meet Henrietta & The Chicklettes!
Performing LIVE daily at Waggin' Tails Ranch

Sunday, December 19


I think we finally have a Blog Spot that will work for us..

Please be patient as i transfer all the articles, downloads, links and such.

In the mean time PLEASE visit Adopt A U. S. Soldier and see how you can make differance.  Money not required.... a simple letter can change a soldier's day.