Tuesday, September 13

I Missed All of You! ~ New Just For You!

I had a much need intermission to complete some special projects I can't wait to share with you! Including the Reveal of the new Studio!! Yes, I now have the Studio I needed, that we put together on a shoestring budget.  I will Reveal and show you how too!

The new Book Series is about completed, and i will be posting a new Free Tutorials beginning this week.  In my Series, I have included Projects geared to Beginners, Non- Sewing Craft Folk, or Owners of Basic Zig Zag machines.  The Optional Variations are for Intermediate and Advanced Folks, Owners of the Luxury Machines.
  • Would you like ot learn to sew? 
  • Do you have a Sewing Machine that is "old", or can just do a few things, like ZigZag or Reverse? 
  • Would you like ot make Great Projects you see in the shops, but hate to sew? 
Join Us for the 1st Series "Gentle Beginnings"! Enter sign-up box for more information and a Free Sample of Tutorials!

I have a great selection of Projects with Detailed Instructions and Patterns for Folks who have Hi-End Luxury Sewing/Embroidery/Quilting machines and are intimidated to use their features, or overwhelmed by them.  Most often The Owner Manuals are vague, Classes Expensive - if you have the time, and they Offer Items you will never use. So many of these awesome machines are put away collecting dust and a little guilt. More are limited to making In-The-Hoop Only projects, completely computerized, which are Great. 

Almost every foot or accessory can be used in ways the directions do not show.  My Projects will let you pick items you can use daily or Gift.  They will give you options of learning new techniques, or using specialty feet, Creating Your Own Stitches too! Now you can dust them off and learn to use them, and their features, easily at your pace when you have time. 

Maybe you are like me and learned to sew on a old Singer Treadle.  The new Computerized Technological Sewing Age paralyzed me for a year.  I had no idea what these babies could do or how to use the products and notions either!

Join Us for the 1st Series "Gentle Beginnings"!   Enter sign-up box for more information and a Free Sample of Tutorials!

Hi-End Luxury Sewing/Embroidery/Quilting machines are computerized, have 100s of preinstalled stitches or designs. Include but not limited too: Viking/Husqvarna, Bernina, Brother, Baby Lock, Pfaff. Priced from approximately $500 - 12,000.00.

 Join us!! Just in Time for the Holiday Season!
Aquene,  Redwolf
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