Saturday, April 16


On average I peek at my "Google Analytics" to get an idea of how I am doing out here in CyberSpace.....  and today I was Wowed!! 

I am so THRILLED to see all of my new eMail subscribers! Holy Cow!  As you know the page does not show the numbers, nor names - I want my guests to feel "safe" - so I had no idea how many of you there are.  WOW...Thank You Again....
If are not a follower - Please Do - It is important to support Artists just by Following to see new work, or even spark a fire.. And I have set a goal to get my readership up and am asking for a little help....... please Sign Up to Follow - I know you visit (hehehehehe) 
Any one who Openly follows me - I will send my Oh My God! To Die For Chocolate Lovers Killer Brownie Recipe - yep, that's right.... the ones that I can't keep stocked at the local store? I can't even sell them in my online store for u would spend my entire life baking Brownies - Follow Me openly and i will email the recipe to you just to say Thank you!

My 1st Tutorial is posting tonight as well - and as silly as it seems its the greatest 2 minute household tip going.... the clue is: today my husband said i needed to do something about my "bag of balls.."??  Bad huh?  Sad but true! 

Feed Your Senses!!

Tuesday, April 5

Craftsmen Designers Be Aware of The High Cost of Cotton

Tonight I received the following Press Release from my Friend,
Cotton Prices Increase!
There has been a drastic increase in the price of cotton as most of you will notice when you purchase fabric. The largest grower of cotton is China, second is India followed by the United States.  The price is determined by supply and demand

The price of cotton has gone up from 62 cents per pound to $1.65 per pound.   China and India are not exporting cotton anymore

Monday, April 4

We are now Kindle, or eReader Compatible!!

Press Release
The Redwolf's Den is now Kindle compatible.  Please sign up for our RSS feed. 

We have also kicked off the month by enabling readers to Follow us via email.  Updates, notice of news or this blog can be delivered directly to your email box!  We find this very exciting.  Its a bit easier to browse your email - rather than chack email than log to another platform to read your Blog Updates...  Please take advantage of this awesome new application.  We are anxious to hear your feed back on these new tools.

Thank You!! 
Karyn Redwolf

Obama Thinks He Can Do It Again?!! Buddy! We Are Broke!


That is probably what I find most disturbing with Obama's "Low Keyed" Announcement for 2012 Candidacy, that he truly believes in spite of the poles and his sad track record, He Will be re-elected.   Will he?  Gives one pause doesn't it?  During his Super Bowl interview he stated that the people are not displeased with him or hate him, they are angry or displeased with the Office.  He feels they are 2 separate entities.  Amazing coping strategy isn't it?  I am fairly sure voters were voting specifically for him not the idea of him.

Mara Liasson (NPR) made the most intelligent observations I've yet to hear.  At this time "he has just "released" the Fund Raisers,  He needs to raise 1 Billion Dollars Last election he raised 3/4 of a Billion".  this is a huge boon for him and the Democratic Party.   All their attention as well as funds can be carefully directed at obtaining Volunteers in the Grassroots sector.  It is their participation and support that his campaign shall ride on.  1 Billion dollars to campaign for the Presidency.