Saturday, April 16


On average I peek at my "Google Analytics" to get an idea of how I am doing out here in CyberSpace.....  and today I was Wowed!! 

I am so THRILLED to see all of my new eMail subscribers! Holy Cow!  As you know the page does not show the numbers, nor names - I want my guests to feel "safe" - so I had no idea how many of you there are.  WOW...Thank You Again....
If are not a follower - Please Do - It is important to support Artists just by Following to see new work, or even spark a fire.. And I have set a goal to get my readership up and am asking for a little help....... please Sign Up to Follow - I know you visit (hehehehehe) 
Any one who Openly follows me - I will send my Oh My God! To Die For Chocolate Lovers Killer Brownie Recipe - yep, that's right.... the ones that I can't keep stocked at the local store? I can't even sell them in my online store for u would spend my entire life baking Brownies - Follow Me openly and i will email the recipe to you just to say Thank you!

My 1st Tutorial is posting tonight as well - and as silly as it seems its the greatest 2 minute household tip going.... the clue is: today my husband said i needed to do something about my "bag of balls.."??  Bad huh?  Sad but true! 

Feed Your Senses!!

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