Tuesday, April 5

Craftsmen Designers Be Aware of The High Cost of Cotton

Tonight I received the following Press Release from my Friend,
Cotton Prices Increase!
There has been a drastic increase in the price of cotton as most of you will notice when you purchase fabric. The largest grower of cotton is China, second is India followed by the United States.  The price is determined by supply and demand

The price of cotton has gone up from 62 cents per pound to $1.65 per pound.   China and India are not exporting cotton anymore
 and the world's need for cotton has grown.  When a shortage occurs, the price will go up  (Fab Shop News Dec. 2010).  Another problem is the people speculating in cotton. 

When that happens and supply does not equal demand the price will go up because the speculators want to drive that price up regardless of what those of us who sell and buy the produce can afford.  Another issue is that eighty percent of the cotton produced in the United States is exported as we no longer have the mills here as we did years ago to produce the finished goods.

As with the price of gasoline we as shopowner's do not know when this increase will level off and price increases will end. 
I have been expecting this increase for almost a year but am shocked at the rates expected.  We had already suffered hikes when the Japanese flooded our markets with Designer Cottons that averaged $10.00 to the wholesaler last year.  Where is our Cotton?  Good ole USA Cotton?  I, Karyn Redwolf, am committed to buying all goods and services from local privately owned businesses and am STRONGLY recommending that you do the same.

I realize that at the moment it seems that you are getting more for your money at a Discount Store, but long term you are not.  Handmade Crafts, Clothing, Decor and Local Business people will provide you with a longer lasting quality product and generally offer wonderful inventive ideas to keep you coming back.  These Folks are struggling too in this economy.  If we don't support them whole heartedly right now - they will vanish. 

We will be enslaved to the prices of Finished Products provided by imports at rates we can't imagine. Cotton is a perfect example.  Jeans - currently $30 a pair will now be near $100.00, $40-60 for a Hanes type T-shirt at WalMart.

These are serious issues that you the consumer can change. 
  1. Demand USA cotton.
  2. Support local businesses, Craft and Tradesmen. 
  3. Shop American owned and made online
  4. Even Etsy can provide local Artisans, Seamstresses, Craftsmen.
  5. Write - email your local Representatives asking them to increase farming in the USA - limit imports, suspend exports.  Demand that we Take care of USA first.  Aid to other countries after are needs are met.   
You can start now, by visiting my friend's on-line store, sign-up for her newsletters, take advantage of her wonderful sales.  Laura always has the best Fresh Designers on her shelves.  And you won't beat her customer service.  She has a new shipment of Southwestern Fabric!
logoLaura Lee Mucci - Owner of Cowgirl-Up Quilts; Benson, AZ.
Take a Stand For America~

karyn Redwolf

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