Monday, April 4

Obama Thinks He Can Do It Again?!! Buddy! We Are Broke!


That is probably what I find most disturbing with Obama's "Low Keyed" Announcement for 2012 Candidacy, that he truly believes in spite of the poles and his sad track record, He Will be re-elected.   Will he?  Gives one pause doesn't it?  During his Super Bowl interview he stated that the people are not displeased with him or hate him, they are angry or displeased with the Office.  He feels they are 2 separate entities.  Amazing coping strategy isn't it?  I am fairly sure voters were voting specifically for him not the idea of him.

Mara Liasson (NPR) made the most intelligent observations I've yet to hear.  At this time "he has just "released" the Fund Raisers,  He needs to raise 1 Billion Dollars Last election he raised 3/4 of a Billion".  this is a huge boon for him and the Democratic Party.   All their attention as well as funds can be carefully directed at obtaining Volunteers in the Grassroots sector.  It is their participation and support that his campaign shall ride on.  1 Billion dollars to campaign for the Presidency. 

Because the Republicans are so far behind, they don't have a candidate nor even a front runner.  This means that all of the monies raised for the Republican Nomination will primarily be used for the Primary Elections vs. the Big One.  Very scary.  Sure there are lots of names on the wind.  Yes, Tim Pawlently announced his candidacy, however, in a very candid interview with FoxNews he said, That he was Creating a Fact Finding Group: in other words sticking a toe in the water to see if he even has a shot.  Donald Trump seems to be most committed to declaring.  And even I, have to admit that I agree with some of him strong arm international Financial views.  And I believe he would balance the budget... pronto... but at what cost?  There is much debate as to whether the USA should be run like a corporation or not.  I know I am not qualified to answer that.  Though it seems that in part extraordinary corporation applications would benefit the country right now.  We Are Broke!

Back to point, I am still naive enough to be stunned that a candidate that has not met 1 goal or promise, has made decisions that seriously hurt our wonderful country thinks we want him in office still.  Do We?   Do we really want Obama in office for another 4?  Are we going to witness or participate in another election where the populous feels they are choosing the lesser of two evils?  Will he win simply because people prefer the devil they know than the one they don't?  That is just not good enough.  Aren't we better than this game?

Politics is a vicious world.  Wonderful Candidates are harried, bullied right out of thinking to run.  With the aide of smear campaigns fueled by the press, who needs it? Can't blame them for withdrawing. Which is in fact the cause of Colin Powell leaving public office. Though on the other hand, if they can't handle the Press and pressure before they are in office - How will they handle the Official Demands a Presidency carries?  Powell declared that he and his family were over due for a time of calm and privacy in their family life. That his entire family had been in the public eye all his adult life, it was family time.  Bravo.  And what a loss for the citizens.

Sarah Palin.  I was interested in Sarah until the BP oil spill.  Her commentaries were dead on.  Exactly what and how I wanted my President to respond nationally and Globally.   I was inspired to read her biography, Going Rogue.  I have a lot of respect for Sarah Palin.  I feel she has what it takes along with the experience, and compassion for our people to be a Great President.  I also will be surprised if she runs.  1 Billion dollars.  If you were Sarah would you take your money, protect your family, and call it day?  Or would you rise up to yet another challenge and attack from all sides to win the coveted First Woman President of the United States?  Not long ago I would have said she was going for gold as only she knows how. 

Then I remember the mess the country is in.  The national debt is unthinkable.  How many folks will suffer for this Debt?  What Candidate wants to take that on?  'Thank You for electing me - and now we have no money so life as you knew it is over....' Ugly scenario no matter how real.  And It Is REAL.  We Are Broke.

Every day I hear someone arguing about budget cuts and benefits.  I am so bewildered by it.  You would have to live under a rock to not understand that the USA has no money.  We are broke.  The Dollar's worth is dropping like a meteor.  Costs across the board are increasing.

No country wants our bonds nor to lend us more...  We run the USA on borrowed money.  Loans.  We are broke.  They are seriously discussing closing shop in D.C. the government shuts down, and no one actually knows what that will look like.  Yes, there are many theories and suppositions.  There is no current history to compare too. While it is rumored that there is a protocol for this action....... Who really knows?  What exactly happens when the Government shuts down?  How do we restart it? I have been chewing on the ramifications for days....

Republicans, Tea Party People, Somebody!!! Did you hear?  Obama declared.  Time is short... Please, please step up and Check this action.  Announce a bid for the nomination - Accept the Challenge.  Please.

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