Wednesday, February 2

Why I appreciate 19 Degrees in Arizona

Recently a large part of the country would welcome 19 degrees at 9 am.
I don't.  Ever.  But right now 50 miles east of Tucson, AZ at 9 am it is 19 degrees F.  Last week we were enjoying morning coffee at 70 degrees.

Before coffee this morning, I was removing ice from the Chickens water bowls.  I had placed them below ground level in pits the hens had dug themselves.  It helped.  There was only an inch ice vs. a solid block.

Oh the memories of my Stable in Massachusetts - hours upon hours of  ice removal from every surface, every container.

This year's storms in the east have broken all records set some not too long ago.  A few years back we had the highest snowfalls in recorded history in Massachusetts, most of New England. 

I, owning the Riding Stable, had an F-250 with an 8 ft plow, and a John Deere 318 with a 4 ft. plow.  All areas had to be cleared for safety and liability.  Snow left on the ground turns to ice.  That season we had 28 storms.  25 i had to plow. 

We had a Super system complete with radios to control traffic as we cleared all our elderly neighbors drives and the Riding Arenas, Parking lots.  Sometimes it was fun. But mostly that year i remember finally finishing a storm. Undressing, all 4 sets of sweat soaked Cuddl-Duds in the washer - and before the dryer had finished a NEW storm was in top of us. 

The kids and I spread by hand 2 Tons of Rock Salt and 8 tons of Sand.
That year i broke 2 vertebrae in my neck plowing. That was the season i firmly committed to leaving New England.

I am so grateful.  19 Degrees in Dragoon AZ is AWESOME

Walk in Beauty

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