Tuesday, February 1

The Importance of a Supply Kitty

I learned an important lesson yesterday, with regard to supplying my business.

I have a new line I am about to debut.  I put hours of mind work, then research into a new product before I create it.  It includes knowing my target market, what is Hot, What the Seasons colors are, and what makes me different - desirable - not like something everyone else has.. more often than not I am copied.  That is always a good thing.  I see it as a compliment.  My husband doesn't, until I point out to him that those that are copying me are not using Quality Stock.  I refuse to compromise on my materials. The difference between a Crafter and an Artist. 

Early Saturday i ran into a shop that carries items i can use - sometimes.  I found 2 pieces that i wanted - 1 i had been looking for at the right price point for quite some time.  The Shopkeeper was very busy and i was in a deep line when the phone rang.  I took the call and returned home immediately, placing the items back on the shelf.

My thinking was that i would be back on Monday morning - with more time and more cash - as i had a bakery delivery early Monday. 

When i returned the items were gone.  1 was an entire bolt of fabric, over 10 yds. GONE. 
i was very disappointed to say the least.

Lesson 1: Maintain a working monthly budget. Know how much you have to spend on supplies at all times.  That needs to be divided into repeat items or replenishing; and money for New Items for Growth.

Lesson 2: 10 minutes in line will is sometimes the best time you can spend.

I should have waited.

Growth is a wonderful thing!

Walk in Beauty!!

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