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Kindles For Artists/Crafters? You Bet!

Kindle Readers, eReaders, the next Big Thing?  Many are counting on it.  Today more and more hard prints are disappearing.  More and more newspapers and magazines are offering a Kindle version now. 

When the laptop revolution began, those companies with a little foresight began offering a Digital or Online version or subscription to their product.  Thus allowing  you the consumer to read your NY Times or something "blue" at your convenience, on your PC, perhaps concealed in another window while at work or school, even in another boring tedious meeting... right?  (read on to learn how this tool can help Artists & Crafters)

But the world of Technology is fluid. Ever changing.  So fast that the reality is when a piece of hardware hits the shelves at Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA the technology used to operate the devise is a dinosaur.  Amazing. 

That being said there are some downfalls or rather inconveniences of using your PC or Laptop to read let's say, the NY Times, or how about War & Peace?  And the clever geniuses at Kindle understood that the way of analog print was failing.  Introducing The Kindle.  Kindle is a Dedicated tool to read anything that can be put into the file format it recognizes.  .pdf is most common.  To really simplify it a Kindle is an electronic book that comes with its own place marker - book marks, highlighters, the ability to read table of contents and indexes or go to specific pages with a button click. 

They are compact and the new generations allow you to change everything to customise this baby to your liking.  Background lighting, Font sizes and types, some even color! wow.  Fast page turning for the speed readers out there.  They hold staggering amounts of data - or in other words Libraries.  And you choose what you want to read. 

Today you can subscribe to most Newspapers and Magazines and they are delivered to your Kindle electronically over the Internet.  Different models connect, wirelessly, and down load at different rates.  Save what you want, discard the rest.

Now there is many applications for your Kindles - such as "notepad", yes it is what it says.  Maps as in Road Atlas of the Country or the World, textbooks, DIY, Publishing Tools, cookbooks.  It is endless and growing fast.  For us Artists and Crafters, there are volumes of DIY books - patterns, tutorials available instantly. Prices range from free to several hundred dollars for Medical Reference Materials

If you are going to a group class setting, Or a vacation where you can craft - print out the patterns, pack them with the Kindle in your bag - the Directions are safe in the Kindle - if by chance you may have deleted them - no problem down load again...  and you can have your favorite reading material or more to entertain you on the bus, commuter rail, airplane.

I am barely scratching their capabilities but i can say that once you are familiar with it you will love it, and wish you had bought one sooner. 

The icing on the cake is that the software comes in many versions and can be run on various platforms, eliminating the need to buy a Kindle if you chose not too.  At this time I, myself, run Kindle on my Laptop - down load to it, read and print from it.  I also incur costs of downloading as well as the purchase.  For me at this time it is the right choice. 

Want to know more or purchase a Kindle? visit:  pick a color! pick a screen size, pick a down load speed, or a capacity.... amazing

Handmade DIYer's will enjoy the ease, convenience, portability, lack of use of electricty (very very efficient) and paper.  Kindles - oh Yeah!!

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  1. Thanks for all of this info.
    So many new things to learn.

  2. Thought you might want to try this. Takes time but should be worth it. Spread the LOVE...Link Love


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