Wednesday, February 9

Lion, Tigers, & TUMBLEWEEDS!! OH MY!

for those of you following along – another interesting wild, wild, west experience. 

I have lived most of my life on the North East Coast.  I remember practically every Hurricane to hit from the ‘70s forward,  Have lots of great Survival stories such as 1 from “Lily”. remember her? She shut down the world series!!

We were camping at a Powwow – my entire clan slept the night away as we took a direct hit – me and my warrior in-standing kept all the tents (8), fires, and tarps secured – using my Grand Wagoner as wind break – bailing water – all 20+ slept like lambs and awoke to total elimination for the campgrounds were totaled – all but us – Many Many stories like that.

OK –Same scenario with regard to winds, evil sky glaring down, mysterious and frightening debris garbage, tools flying thru the air – Warmer – deceivingly warmer – and sand so thick in the air it reminds you of a while our. 

Drivers responding as if they are under attack in bumper cars – Hi-way Patrol in stunning numbers,  1/2 a new pre-fab home blown off the trailer on the road – trucker driver scratching his head – and just as I realized I can handle this – its just a warm, dry hurricane, right?  A Tumbleweed came out of the center zone with a vengeance, determined to take me and my large diesel pick-up out.  We Won!!

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